Profile No. CB-0807
Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Company
NAICS or Sic Code: 561730 Industry: Landscaping Services
Gross Sales: $200,287 Sellers Discretionary Earnings: $63,702
Value of Assets Included: $69,300 Inventory Included: 
Asking Price: $137,759
 "Green Service"



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Description: This Denver based lawn care company franchise that uses electric equipment charged from solar panels on the trucks, which provides a environmentally safe and quieter maintenance operation. Lawn treatment programs consist of all organic products to provide a safe environment for everyone in the yard and on the lawn. Custom treatment programs can also be offered to meet the needs of a broader client base. Services provide about 90% of sales and the balance comes from the sale or use of product.

This business was formed and began operations in 2010. It is a franchise. The first couple of years were slow in getting started but with the help and training from the franchisor, sales began to grow substantially in 2013. Sales for 2013 and 2014 held steady. 2015 sales were lower but profitability was higher. The reason was due to restructuring to keep the most profitable clients only that fit the company’s ideal customer and values for longer-term customer relationships.

This business has great potential for the future. As more and more people are looking to do their part in assisting with environmental issues and emissions reductions, the business is becoming a more popular option for service needs. Products used also provide a safe yard without harsh chemicals for people and pets to enjoy the yard. Equipment is significantly quieter than gasoline equipment which is attractive among many prospective clients.



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