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Who We Are . . .

As one of Colorado's largest and most successful firms National Business Brokers & Consultants specializes in the transfer of privately held businesses throughout the Rocky Mountain States. Our firm exists to provide professional service to buyers and sellers in their fulfillment of the American dream of owning their own business. Recognizing that investing in any business, regardless of size, is a major commitment in one's finances and resources. To that end, we will use integrity, trust, service, knowledge, and leading edge technology to facilitate a smooth transaction. To accomplish this we will surround ourselves with a team of experienced brokers and advisors (accountants, attorneys, exit planning professionals and business valuators) who are knowledgeable, skilled and committed to maintaining high performance and ethical standards, meeting or exceeding our company goals. We promise that you will not find a more ethical, professional and complete experience than the one National Business Brokers & Consultants can provide.

We are here to help you sell your business in Colorado or the surrounding Rocky Mountain States by providing services which include business valuation, preparing a professional marketing prospectus, qualifying potential purchasers, negotiating the buy/sell agreement and/or LOI, working with both sides to satisfy their respective contingencies, closing the transaction while working closely with each parties attorneys and accountants and finally filing all the appropriate paperwork to transfer trade names and record security interests if needed. All of these activities are done under the premise of Confidentiality to minimize the impact on employees or your business work flow. You as a business owner are concerned with daily operations of the business, let the professionals handle the marketing and qualifying of potential purchasers.

For you as a purchaser looking to buy a business in Colorado or the surrounding states, we work as Transaction Brokers, representing the transaction and not solely the Seller as many other brokerage and Merger and Acquisition firms are positioned. We can offer our services on a Buyer's side agency if we do not have the particular business you are looking for and are looking for exclusive representation in the buying process.

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